Where to Spot Celebrities in Beverly Hills

If you're looking for a chance to spot some of Hollywood's biggest stars, Beverly Hills is the place to be. From movie premieres to exclusive shopping centers, there are plenty of opportunities to catch a glimpse of the rich and famous. Whether you're attending a celebrity book signing or just visiting one of the restaurants, cinemas, or stores, here are some of the best places to see celebrities in Beverly Hills. Plan your arrival in Los Angeles at the right time and you could witness the stars strolling the red carpet at a movie premiere at the iconic Grauman's Chinese Theater.

Originally opened in 1927, it is surrounded by the characteristic concrete floor that is printed with the hands and footprints of several stars. The exclusive The Grove shopping center has a concierge service and valet service, so it's no surprise that it's the luxury mall of choice for many celebrities. Famous for its old tram, which runs through the partially outdoor and partially covered mall, and its huge Santa Claus Grotto at Christmas, there is always something to do here. Whether you're attending a celebrity book signing or just visiting one of the restaurants, cinemas, or stores, this is a great place to mingle with the best of Hollywood.A regular two-hour tour of the famous Warner Bros.

Studio takes guests through the streets and sound stages, where popular shows like Gilmore Girls and The Big Bang Theory have been filmed over the years. The luxury tour lasts six hours and offers a deeper tour of the studio. Guests can even have lunch in the Commissary Fine Dining Room, where actors, producers, studio executives and writers gather to discuss secret scripts. Be sure to stop by Café Sur Le Lot, which was a key location for the shooting of the Oscar-winning film La La Land, starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling.

Please note that the tour is temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 situation, so check their website for updates.Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is the gateway to the city, so unless celebrities opt for a private jet to Santa Monica Airport, here's where you can see them. Keep your eyes wide open when checking in or going through security. If you're flying Business or First Class, stay alert to big names in boarding queues and lounges. The arrivals hall in Terminal 3 is said to be a great place for stars who want to leave the airport.Not only is it a prime spot to get magnificent views of the city from above, but you can also catch a glimpse of celebrities who get their endorphins if you're lucky.

The 160-acre Runyon Canyon is one of Anne Hathaway, Natalie Portman and Justin Bieber's favorite hiking spots. Located just two blocks from Hollywood, there are several entrances and hiking trails, plus an off-leash dog policy, making it an ideal spot for famous people who can't bear to part with their furry friends.

The Grove Drive

is great for decent shopping. Lots of celebrities can be found at Tart restaurant in the nearby Farmer's Daughter Hotel as well as at Swingers restaurant below Beverly Laurel Motor Hotel. The area's Joan's on Third Café is also a great spot to see a celebrity.

At the top of Mulholland Drive and Beverly Glen Blvd is a hidden mall where celebrities who live there go for Starbucks.If you're lucky enough to get inside, you can enjoy its beautiful rooftop gardens, relax in the screening room, or grab a bite to eat and drink with a celebrity who's probably sitting nearby. The problem with Los Angeles is that a lot of celebrities live here, which means they all hang out everywhere and in unexpected places. Sure, you might bump into a celebrity while shopping at HomeGoods store in Burbank or at Whole Foods in Silver Lake, but your likelihood increases if you visit some of these hot spots: The Bungalow at Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows; Whole Foods Market; Santa Monica Farmers Markets on Main Street and Ocean Park Blvd; CVS Pharmacy - Photo; Beverly Connection pharmacy; The Ivy in West Hollywood.

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