Is Beverly Hills Part of Los Angeles?

Los Angeles is a unique American city, as it contains many individual cities within its boundaries. Unlike San Francisco, the city boundary of Los Angeles does not equate to Los Angeles County. This means that some of these communities and neighborhoods have been living with their older brother, the city of Los Angeles, for so long that the idea of living without him is inconceivable. Hollywood began on its own in 1903, but joined the city of Los Angeles a few years later in 1910.Many of these cities exist within the boundaries of Los Angeles County, but they have much less to do with the county when it comes to day-to-day affairs.

Others have wished in the past to be able to move from Los Angeles, but for various reasons they didn't and they still live with him today, somewhat ambivalent. The current mayor of the city of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, used to be a councilman for the city of Los Angeles whose district contained a large part of Hollywood. The county lives in a large house (the Kenneth Hahn Administration Hall) in downtown Los Angeles, and projects its influence on the more than 4,000 square miles that make up Los Angeles County. The goal here is to provide a mental tool that can help impose some interim order on the dense mosaic of places in the Los Angeles region.

This means that some cities are part of Los Angeles while others are not. Beverly Hills is one such example; it is not part of Los Angeles but rather an independent city within Los Angeles County. Beverly Hills has its own mayor and city council and is responsible for its own day-to-day affairs. It is also home to many celebrities and affluent residents who enjoy its luxurious lifestyle and amenities.

Despite this, Beverly Hills is still part of Los Angeles County and must abide by county laws and regulations.

Brianna French
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