The History of the Iconic Beverly Hills Hotel

The Beverly Hills Hotel is an iconic landmark in Los Angeles, California. It is a luxurious hotel that has been around since 1912 and has seen many famous faces come and go. But who used to own the Beverly Hills Hotel?The hotel was originally built by Margaret Anderson in 1912.She was a real estate developer who wanted to create a luxurious hotel for the wealthy and famous. The hotel quickly became a popular destination for Hollywood stars, and it was even featured in the classic film Sunset Boulevard.

In 1919, Douglas Fairbanks and his wife Mary Pickford bought a cottage in the nearby hills, which was called Pickfair. This was the beginning of the Hollywood elite's association with the Beverly Hills Hotel. The couple often hosted lavish parties at the hotel, and it soon became known as the place to be for celebrities. In 1946, the hotel was sold to a group of investors led by Jack Warner, who was the head of Warner Bros.

Studios. He wanted to make sure that the hotel remained a place where celebrities could come and relax without being bothered by fans or paparazzi. Warner also made sure that the hotel was kept up to date with modern amenities and services.In 1987, the hotel was sold again, this time to a group of investors led by Marvin Davis. Davis had plans to expand the hotel and make it even more luxurious than before.

He added a spa, a pool, and other amenities that made it one of the most luxurious hotels in Los Angeles.Today, the Beverly Hills Hotel is owned by Dorchester Collection, which is part of the Sultan of Brunei's investment company. The hotel is still one of the most popular destinations for celebrities and other wealthy guests. It is also home to an annual event called “The Night of 100 Stars” which takes place on May 2nd each year.The Beverly Hills Hotel has been around for over 100 years and has seen many famous faces come and go. It has been owned by some of Hollywood's most influential people, including Douglas Fairbanks, Jack Warner, and Marvin Davis.

Today, it is owned by Dorchester Collection and remains one of Los Angeles' most iconic hotels.

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