Famous People Who Live in Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills is a city of dreams, and it's no surprise that many famous people call it home. From Katy Perry to John Lennon, many celebrities have chosen to live in this luxurious area. Mulholland Drive is one of the most iconic roads in Beverly Hills. It has been immortalized in the film of the same name by David Lynch, and is home to some of the most beautiful views of the city.

Jack Nicholson, John Lennon, Marlon Brando and Roman Polanski are just a few of the famous residents who have lived on Mulholland Drive. Katy Perry, Jennifer Lawrence and Adele are all close neighbors of Mulholland Drive. Madonna used to live there, as did John Lennon, Demi Moore and Bruce Willis when they were together. The ever-amazing Molly Ringwald also lives nearby.

No tour of Beverly Hills would be complete without a stop at the famous hotel located at 1670 Ocean Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90401.This picturesque spot is right next to the water and offers stunning views of the city.

Brianna French
Brianna French

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