How Much Can a Landlord Raise Rent in Beverly Hills?

In Beverly Hills, some units are now eligible to receive a rent increase of up to 3.10%. If a landlord seeks in good faith to do modification work on the building for the purpose of performing a major remodeling, they can require a tenant to vacate the unit. Tenants have thirty days to notify the landlord in writing if they are interested in reoccupying the unit if it is offered for rent again. If the landlord evicts a tenant for any reason other than the move of a landlord or relative, and the landlord or relative does not move, the tenant can sue for wrongful eviction.

The rules related to remodeling work, the schedule for remodeling, the establishment of rent for the newly remodeled unit, the choice of a tenant to be relocated to a comparable building in lieu of relocation payment, the ability of an evicted tenant to reoccupy the finished unit, and the calculation of reoccupied rental rate are complex. A landlord can also seek in good faith to regain possession of a building in order to demolish, move it, or convert it into condominiums, stock cooperatives, or community apartments. The chapter to which your lease belongs is based primarily on the initial rent amount set out in your rental agreement and not on the current rent amount. To evict a disruptive tenant, the landlord must file an application with the Rent Stabilization Program (“Rent Board”) to obtain a hearing on the matter.

One of the talking points raised by then-Mayor Bob Wunderlich was whether the maximum allowable increase in the city's annual rent should be indexed to the change in consumer prices (CPI) at a rate of 100% of the CPI as it is today. A disruptive tenant is one who (repeatedly or continuously) disturbs the peace and quiet enjoyment of another tenant in the building or (opposes, intimidates, or intimidates) another tenant in the building and does not stop when requested by either party. In February, then-Mayor Bob Wunderlich proposed allowing landlords to recover lost rent increases, starting with the first increase in lost rent. What is unknown so far is how much rent can increase in subsequent years given high inflation and the Council's stated commitment to allow landlords to recover lost rent increases.

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