Where is the Best Place to Live in Beverly Hills?

Beverly Hills is known for its glamour, mansions, and wealth, but life here can be quite normal for its residents. Trousdale Estates is a popular choice among Hollywood A-Listers, while Beverly Gardens Park hosts the ArtShow twice a year (May and October), featuring over 200 international and local artists. The neighborhoods of Beverly Glen and Benedict Canyon extend north and south of the hills between Trousdale Estates and Bel Air. The film industry is the biggest employer in Beverly Hills, bringing with it the unique cast of characters that people associate with Beverly Hills.

North Beverly Drive and Cañon Drive are home to exclusive local boutiques, gourmet restaurants, and outdoor cafes. With more people living here than anywhere else in the United States, you're sure to find a nice little place hidden somewhere. When it comes to schools, Beverly Hills is often thought to be better than Los Angeles. A study conducted in several elementary schools in both cities revealed interesting results that will help end this debate.

The research showed that children in Beverly Hills schools had a much deeper understanding of current affairs than those in Los Angeles. Beverly Gardens Park is a great place to explore, with its extended greenway following the north end of Santa Monica Boulevard. Music lovers will enjoy the Cañon summer concert series, which offers live outdoor performances of all genres at Cañon Gardens during July and August.

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