Is beverly hills a suburb of los angeles?

Understandably, these private residences are still in high demand among Hollywood A-Listers, several of whom proudly call Trousdale Estates home. Technically it's a suburb of Los Angeles, a great place to invest in luxury homes that have the perfect picturesque views. The neighborhoods of Beverly Glen and Benedict Canyon extend north and south following the ravines and teeth of the hills between Trousdale Estates and Bel Air. Located 49 miles southeast of Los Angeles, in Orange County, is the charming suburb of Mission Viejo, considered one of the largest planned communities in the United States.

Beverly Gardens Park also hosts the ArtShow twice a year (May and October), where more than 200 international and local artists present their work. It is an independent municipality surrounded by Los Angeles and the embodiment of the entertainment industry, fame and wealth. Bordering Santa Monica Bay, as well as Los Angeles International Airport, is the small suburb of El Segundo. It's a welcome respite for those who want to enjoy entertainment without having to travel to Los Angeles.

Then, visit the edges of the triangle to discover the exclusive local boutiques, gourmet restaurants and outdoor cafes of North Beverly Drive and Cañon Drive. It's an ideal spot for people who like to keep fit because Beverly Gardens Park offers a gravel path, perfect for walking and jogging. Homes located in the hills north of Sunset Boulevard are rated much higher than the average home price for the rest of the city. In the early 1930s, Santa Monica Park was renamed Beverly Gardens and expanded to cover the entire two-mile (3 kilometer) length of Santa Monica Boulevard through the city.

And one of the best places to do so is Beverly Gardens Park, an extended greenway that follows the north end of Santa Monica Boulevard. At the heart of the Golden Triangle is the world-renowned Rodeo Drive, the crème de la crème de la crème de la crème de la crème in Los Angeles with luxury stores and fabulous restaurants. As the second most populous city in the country, Los Angeles has long attracted people from all over the world who want to experience the relaxed lifestyle of Southern California and maybe find stardom or see some stars.

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